Relationships At School With Melany Lopez

By Avila Ashland

  1. Q: Have you ever had a relationship in high school? A: “Yes I have, freshman year.”
  2. Q: What was the best part about having a relationship? A: “Having someone to do all your activities with.”
  3. Q: What was the hardest part about having a relationship in high school? A: “The constant fighting and there’s so many distractions.”
  4. Q: What’s a word of advice you have for someone just starting out in a relationship? A: “Don’t get yourself into one until you’re completely ready and mature enough to handle all the challenges.”
  5. Q: If you could change something about your past relationship what would it be? A: “I should have stood up for myself more.”
  6. Do you think it may be better to stray from relationships and just focus on school? A: “Yes, definitely”
  7. Q: Was your boyfriend ever distracting?  and How? A: “Yes, he would always want me to come over or go out when I had things to do.”
  8. Q: How did you maintain a healthy relationship in school? A: “I tried being as unproblematic as I could and separate my school, relationship, and social life.”
  9. Q: If you could tell your freshman self about your relationship, what would you say? A: “Be careful in your high school relationship, they  can drain you. Also make sure you really learn and grow from your experiences and mistakes, because that’s how you’ll truly learn to love someone.”
  10. Q: Are you grateful for all the experiences and relationships you’ve had in school? A: “Yes, I’m very grateful because they taught me much about myself and other people.”