Giving Up Cookies

By Gianna Creighton

I am going without cookies for the week because I have them almost everyday at school from the snack cart. The item is like a little dessert to me in the middle of the day and improves my life because I look forward to it everyday. Cookies are important to me because they make my day twenty times better. My biggest concerns about giving it up is that I am going to have to eat healthy for the week because I will not have it. My biggest adjustment is going to be avoiding the temptation at lunch to go to the cart. The food that will probably take the place of cookies will be more chocolate.

On the first day of giving up the cookies my mom had bought all the ingredients to make chocolate chip oatmeal cookies and I had to tell her not to make them because I actually would have eaten five. The second day I did not really notice that I had not eaten any cookies because I had such a busy day. The third day my brother brought home the frosted powder cookies from his banquet and he had a whole box of them. It took all my willpower not to eat one. The fourth day was by far the hardest because I had my soccer banquet and the dessert was Costco cookies so I had to control myself the most with that. The last day I was just thinking about the cookies I would be able to have the next day.  

Giving up cookies for the week was probably for the best. I ended up eating healthier than I would any other week. I also think I had more temptations to eat cookies during the week I gave them up than I would any other normal week. I think I needed the separation from the cookies because now I don’t eat them as much as I usually do.