Clash of Clans 2018

By Cameron Brooks

Most people remember Clash of Clans as one of the most popular breakout games on the app store about four and a half years ago. It was consistently the top grossing app for the week and almost everyone played the game it seemed. As with most phone games, it ran its course and lasted about two and a half years while still remaining popular, a commendable amount of time considering its a free to play iphone game. However, while its popularity may not be what it once was, the game is still alive and well and has had several updates that add so many new mechanics. It looks like an updated sequel compared to the 2014 version of the game. Back then farming for loot, gold, and elixir was a pain and many people complained that it took way too long to find a base to attack that contained what they deem to be an adequate amount of loot. Supercell, the developers, must have listened, as they made the amount of loot you find for each raid higher and dead bases with full gold mines and elixir collectors are also much more prevalent. Additionally,  they added what is known as a loot cart, which is basically a wagon that contains a certain amount of gold, elixir, and dark elixir for you to collect at your village after you are raided, giving you a certain percentage of the loot you lost back. They also answered the age old question of ¨Will they ever give you a boat to explore the water?¨ The developers included a boat that you can use to travel to a whole other village where you can use special troops and attack people live, Clash Royale style. They also introduced a mechanic called clan games, where members of a clan attempt to complete challenges given to them in order to earn points for the clan. If the clan earns enough points collectively, everyone is rewarded with a boatload of loot and special items. Overall, this updated version of the game is much better than the previous versions and is keeping the game alive. It is still a top 10 grossing app.