Movie Review – I Feel Pretty

By Skye Finnestad

The movie, I Feel Pretty is based on a woman who suffers from insecurity and always wanting to be a part of social beauty standards. One day she wishes to be beautiful and the next day she feels beautiful! The move outlines how her life changes when she feels secure and confident in herself. Amy Schumer, the main character, undergoes crazy character development during her phase of confidence. The relationships in her life change drastically, she is offered many more opportunities in the workplace, she is catching more attention from dudes she never thought she would get. Some of the change is for the better and some is for the worse. This movie was really good because it genuinely captured what it means to feel insecure in today’s day and age. They did a wonderful job executing what it feels like to be insecure and how the world feels when you’re insecure. The movie, however, did receive backlash from more of the women audience than expected. Women who are more overweight, women of color, and a few more, all complained about how Amy Schumer does not know the struggle because she isn’t overweight, she’s blonde, she’s already pretty, and she makes good money. However, this just goes to show that many more women than we expect actually deal with insecurity issues as well. This movie showed how confidence can make you beautiful in ways no one can really understand until they experience it. I loved this movie and the message it held, and I believe that everyone should see it when they have the chance.