By Alyssa Jenkins

This week, I interviewed 25 different people 9 different questions about an upcoming event this weekend. PROM! I asked a series of questions:

Are you going to attend prom? 21 said yes, 4 said no.

Did you vote for prom court? 19 said yes 6 said no.

Do you think the prom top 5 is accurate? 16 said yes, 9 said no.

Did you already buy your prom ticket? 21 said yes, 4 said no.

Are you bringing a “date” from another school? 4 said yes, 21 said no.

Then I asked if they are doing anything before prom, like going to dinner? 19 said yes, 6 said no.

Are you doing anything after prom? 21 said yes, 4 said no.

Are any of your friends on the prom court top 5? 22 said yes, 3 said no.

Finally I asked, are you participating in any of the dress up days this week? 6 said yes, 19 said no.

For this survey I asked all seniors about prom and it seems pretty clear to me that everyone is pretty excited about prom. I am excited myself. Prom is Saturday May 19, at Paradise Point, and it starts at 7pm. See you there!