Spider Man Unlimited Review

By Cameron Brooks

One of the most popular mobile phone game genres is the runner games. These are the apps that follow in the footsteps of Temple Run and Subway Surfers and it seems like half of everything that has ever been licensed, from Despicable Me to Sonic the Hedgehog, has its own runner game on the App Store or Google Play. Most of these games play very similarly to each other and do not offer much variety, but I find Spider Man Unlimited to be an exception in some ways. While most endless runners are endless, Spider Man Unlimited prefers to break the game up into stages which each contain mini levels where the main goal is to defeat a boss from the Spider Man universe. The main story describes how the Green Goblin was able to team up with the sinister six and open up a wormhole to other dimensions, allowing them to bring in clones of themselves from other dimensions to fight Spider Man. You play as Spider Man, unlocking your own dimensions and teaming up with other Spider Man clones to fight the sinister six. Because there are so many levels in the game (over 300 at the time of this review) there are consistently bad guys to fight and new areas to unlock and explore compared to other games, where you always play the same level hoping to go slightly further each time. This eliminates most of the monotony involved in the traditional runner games. Another element is the various enemy types you can encounter while running. These including flying enemies, ground enemies, and shielded enemies, and your attackĀ“s effectiveness depends on which enemy you encounter. Flying enemies require jumping attacks, while shielded troops require kick attacks, etc. Once you begin running fairly fast it can be difficult to react quickly enough with the right moves while avoiding other obstacles and collecting the coins along the way making this game quite a challenge. However, the challenge is not enough to get under your skin and the game offers more variety compared to other runners, so overall, if you are a Spider Man or runner fan, I would recommend giving it a look.