Beat: Tennis

By Willoughby


Tennis is a sport that originated from northern France and became very popular in England because of King Henry VIII who loved the sport and from there the rest is history. Tennis was not as popular in the states until 1881 when the U.S. National Lawn Tennis Association was formed and from there it became more popular after the U.S. Tennis Association (USTA) formed in 1975 that is also when tennis became a widespread sport among high schools. West Hills High School tennis team consists of a Varsity and Junior Varsity Team on the the team they have a variety of skill levels. I personally have played on the team for 3 years and have finished my 4th year . The WHHS tennis team is one of the better teams in our district. We have won all of our matches and hope to keep our streak alive. Most people think of tennis as a boring sport and compare it to golf or rowing. Tennis is an intense game of strategy and skill this game takes strength and mental stamina. You have to know what your opponent’s next move is before they even make it. You have to know how to hit the ball in a way your opponent can’t get to it. Unlike contrary beliefs tennis is not an individual sport it is a team sport because you are all working together to reach the same goal.