Interview with Natalia Nasrawi

1.What was the hardest thing about running for president of ASB?
I think the hardest thing is still yet to come and that’s going to be the time commitment and stress that will come with it.
2. What is one thing you’re hoping to change for next year?
I am going to try and get more students  involved with the school and come to after school activities and show school spirit.
3. How do you feel about being a senior next year?
I am honestly in shock and it still doesn’t feel real that I’m already going to be a senior. I feel like I was just a freshman in Mr. Peterson’s class and now I’m going to graduate!! It’s just overwhelming and insane.
4..Are you going to graduation?
Yes, I have to go for ASB anyways, but I also am going to see all my senior friends.
5..Are you sad about your senior friends leaving?
Of course I am! ASB is not going to be the same without Cam and Kira and Kendall. I’m glad that they aren’t going too far away, but I’m going to miss seeing them everyday.
6. You are also involved in Class of 2019, how has this affected your school year?
Well, I’ve been in class since freshman year and this year by far is the most stressful due to prom venues and picking class shirts. I also am no longer able to hold a position in class due to being ASB president
7. How is prom planning coming along?
It is very stressful but I think our prom is going to be amazing due to all the amazing people in our club that are putting so much effort in it.
8. What is one thing you’re most looking forward to for next year?
Probably my parking spot that I get since I’m ASB president
9.What was your hardest class you took this year?
Honestly, Algebra 2 Honors was my biggest struggle, but a runner up would be APUSH.
10. What is one thing you recommend to upcoming juniors?
I would tell them not to slack off toward the end of the year because junior year is very crucial to college.