How to Hobby – Mechanics

By Alex Leggate

Working on cars can be very fun and a good use of time. My friend Tony Wylie is into working with cars so I talked to him about it. He has been working on them for a little less than a year because he started it in his auto body shop at Santana. In that class he got his welding certification and just finished a table that uses an engine as a base. He says that he wanted to take that class because his brothers were always working on cars and he wanted to be like them.
Cars were invented in 1886 by a German man named Karl Benz, the creator of Mercedes-Benz. Cars used to go super slow, be very hard to work on since no one had knowledge of how to do it, and that used to not be able to drive for very long. Now cars can go over 200 mph, drive for hours, and are easier to work on. People get into working on cars because they need to repair them, or because they like cars, or because they have grown up around mechanics and have always been around mechanics so it is part of their life.
To get into this hobby, you just need to have a car to work on, the correct tools, and a mind that is ready to learn. You can start with changing spark plugs, air filters, the oil, and burnt out bead lights. Never use the wrong tools because it can ruin your the tool, or even ruin your car, so you always have to make sure your tools fit. Also, when you start, or start doing complex things it is smart to have an experienced person watch over you to make sure you are not doing anything wrong.