Thrift Shopping

By D’vir  Mona

Carlos’s hobby is thrift shopping. In Carlos’s eyes thrift shopping is bringing clothes back to life, giving them new meaning, recycling. He loves thrift shopping because everything is always so cheap, and he never leaves without something he loved in his hands. His mother brought him to his first Goodwill when he was very young and he really only shopped there for clothes always after that. He’s always looking for the steals any thrift shop has to offer.

    I found that many thrift related business do very well in the US. First,  because they don’t sell their own or produce their own clothes, therefore they are stocked up by people not wanting clothes,  which saves money. Second, the prices are much cheaper than a regular retail store, so they attract wide attention. Reverend Edgar J. Helms created Goodwill in 1902 in Boston, MA. From one store in Massachusetts, this franchise has grown to thousands of stores all of the U.S. People love it because it’s the opportunity to buy clothes, without the high prices!

    To get into this hobby, just stop going to retail stores so much! Take a visit to your local Goodwill or no-name thrift store and buy yourself some very nice, inexpensive clothes. There isn’t much to study except for knowing what stores you’ve liked before, and remember them so you can return to them.