By Chloe Yeager

Most people have hobbies but this one is not the most common. Diane Baker a 16 year old Sophomore at West Hills is on the wrestling team and is most often found at practice whether that be high school season or off season. She is really dedicated to this sport and her dedication has paid off by being able to claim her title as first girl to go to State in West Hills history, so I decided to ask her a few questions.

First, a little background on wrestling, wrestling was originally found in French Babylonian cave drawings but the Greeks created it to train their soldiers for the brutal combat they were going to endure. After the Greeks were defeated by the Romans the Romans took the idea and removed all the brutality from it to create an entertainment source. Greeks still wanted to keep the traditional aspect which is where Greco-Roman wrestling comes from. There are actually 8 different types of wrestling approved by Fila. Folk ( high school), Freestyle (college), Greco-Roman, Mixed Martial Arts or Grappling wrestling, Oil wrestling (Turkish), Beach wrestling, Sambo (Soviet Union), and Pankration, along with many more that are not approved by Fila. Wrestling is a really easy way to get involved and meet other students because teams consist of about 13 wrestlers and you compete with other teams around the same size. Wrestling’s popularity has increased because it is a great workout, it’s fun, challenging, and entertaining.

The sport is kind of expensive though. The initial cost and mandatory items are shoes, headgear, and a hair cap (if you have long hair). Shoes typically range from $45-$100+, head gear $20-$40, and a hair cap is about $30. So all together the cost is around $150 to $200.