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By Alyssa Jenkins

At West Hills Library, there are many opportunities to get involved. There is a very cool club that is hosted in the West Hills library. It is called Readers and Writers Club. They meet on wednesdays in the library’s meeting room (back of library) at lunch. You have a chance to enjoy the time with fellow WolfPack readers and writers, including getting the chance to be involved in the following: whhsbookishblogs, where you can submit your thoughts, ideas and words of all students. You also can go to the monthly Santee County library book talks and the Annual Inkwell literary art Magazine. Our library staff is putting many cool opportunities for students to get engaged with the school. If you love reading and writing, then this club is for you! Remember it is held in the library’s meeting room on wednesdays at lunch

Survey – Campus poll

By Kayla Schoenborn

Do you enjoy the reverse minimum day schedule?
yes  6
no  19

2. Do you want this school year to end?
yes  14
no  11

3. Have your grades improved or gotten worse after spring break?
improved  5
Gotten worse  9
Stayed about the same  11

4. Did you do a spring sport?
yes  12
no  13

5. If so are you glad it’s ending?
yes  7
no  5

BEAT – Library

By Kayla Schoenborn

The library is on Facebook and Twitter!! Their twitter handle is @WestHillsLIB and to find their Facebook all you have to do is look up West Hills High School Library! Keep up to date with new additions to the library and updates on these platforms. While it’s not summer yet, the library staff is getting ready by unveiling WHHS’s summer reading challenge! Try reading outside your comfort zone with 3 themed challenges. Stop by the library to get more information!
Can you believe it’s a new month already? Follow along with the library’s “On this day in May…” calendar. Thank you, once again, to our library aides for helping work on this. The calendar tells you what “national day” it is and gives some ideas of how you can celebrate it! The library also recently made a video that can be viewed on their twitter that is all about “connecting” and the purpose of the library.


By Alyssa Jenkins

This week, I interviewed 25 different people 9 different questions about an upcoming event this weekend. PROM! I asked a series of questions:

Are you going to attend prom? 21 said yes, 4 said no.

Did you vote for prom court? 19 said yes 6 said no.

Do you think the prom top 5 is accurate? 16 said yes, 9 said no.

Did you already buy your prom ticket? 21 said yes, 4 said no.

Are you bringing a “date” from another school? 4 said yes, 21 said no.

Then I asked if they are doing anything before prom, like going to dinner? 19 said yes, 6 said no.

Are you doing anything after prom? 21 said yes, 4 said no.

Are any of your friends on the prom court top 5? 22 said yes, 3 said no.

Finally I asked, are you participating in any of the dress up days this week? 6 said yes, 19 said no.

For this survey I asked all seniors about prom and it seems pretty clear to me that everyone is pretty excited about prom. I am excited myself. Prom is Saturday May 19, at Paradise Point, and it starts at 7pm. See you there!

CYOA – 100 Word Rant: Why is College so Expensive??

By: Sophia Fakhouri

It is a well known fact that the cost of attending a university is quite unreasonable. According to New York Times, tuition at public universities has nearly quadrupled as of 2014. The average cost of attending a California State University per year is approximately 23,000! If you think that is over your budget, private universities are practically double that amount! Why is this? Sandy Baum of the Urban Institute says that universities aren’t charging more to better educate students, they are compensating for lost state funding. Don’t we want an educated generation? If so, why make it almost unattainable?(100 Words)

Beat – Campus poll/survey about AP

By Kayla Schoenborn

1. Do you take an AP class this year?
yes – 17
no – 8

2. Are you nervous for your AP exam? (out of the 17 that are taking it)
yes – 10
no – 7

3. Which AP class are you taking? (Name all even if there’s more than one)
AP Bio – 2
AP Lang – 7
AP Spanish – 2
AP Chem – 3

4. Do you think you will pass your AP exam?
yes – 12
no – 5

5.Are you planning on taking an AP class next year?
yes – 20
no – 5

Overall I’ve noticed that the majority of people I asked are taking APUSH and AP Lang. Also, next year more people are taking an AP class than this year. I also noticed that not all of the students are nervous for their exam like I expected.

Library and Counseling

By Sophia Fakhouri

Often times you can find answers to all of your school related questions on Google; it is convenient, user-friendly, and gives you many sources to choose from. But what if you are searching for a piece written by a scholar, a professor, or an academic journal that is peer reviewed, this is where Google can fall short. Popular search engines, like Bing and Google, may include sources that are not accredited or trustworthy, especially for a school paper. Thanks to Miss Sannwald, the problem is solved. On the West Hills Library website, she has kindly provided students with online databases that can be extremely useful for research papers.
My personal favorite database is EBSCO Host; this search engine contains a myriad of academic journals, articles, and excerpts pertaining to any subject. Whether you are researching social injustice or the science behind genetic disorders, EBSCO has your back. Out of all my research papers I have written throughout my high school years, the ones containing evidence from EBSCO Host were the most profound.
You can add different tags or descriptive words to find the most accurate article for your subject of interest, which I find convenient. In addition if you are not on school grounds, but would still like to utilize this resource the username is grossmontu and the password is welcome. I hope you found this article helpful for your future research and I encourage all students to take advantage of this valuable resource.


By Alex Leggate

Ms. Snadwald is always keeping everything up to date in the library. She just created a “Library Vision Video”. It shows us the true use of the library and she uses very good pictures and makes the library look very fun and professional at the same time. She has also posted a link on her twitter to a website/app that lets teens listen to audiobooks for free. The app is called “SYNC” and you can listen to thousands of books for free when you’re doing homework, falling asleep, driving, etc.
She has all of her library aids doing something new and cool for the students. There is a “May Challenge Calendar” that you can print out and has a new and adventurous challenge every day that you can do around school. She had them create an informational vote registration bookmark that has information on how to register or pre-register to vote. One cool thing that she has is book recommendations on her twitter that her students create so that you can find a book that is good or interests you easier.

CYOA: Things to do Before you Finish Senior Year

By Sophia Fakhouri

After being in high school for four years, I am positive the majority of seniors are eager to leave and begin their new chapter of life and adulthood, especially once they know where they are attending college/vocational school. Senior year is incredibly important in the sense that you are preparing to enter adulthood. There are many deadlines to be aware of, resources to take advantage of, and activities to participate in. Hence, I compiled a list of things to do after you have chosen your future school and before you graduate:
First, invest in a planner so you can mark the numerous important deadlines and stay organized!

Make FAFSA a priority! Even if you do not think you will get any financial aid, based off of your family’s income, FAFSA is how you can access direct federal loans, which have less interest than bank loans, and work study, where you can work on campus to pay for college.

Become familiar with the school you have committed to, especially if it is nearby, take advantage of that and explore the campus.
Get in touch with current students that are attending your future college. It is helpful when you establish connections early on.
Apply for as many scholarships as you can! Although you can apply to nation wide scholarships, try focusing on local scholarships specific to Santee, San Diego, Grossmont District, etc., you will have a better chance of receiving it. Also avidly check the WHHS scholarship page where there are a myriad of scholarships you can apply for.

Lastly, enjoy your last year here at West Hills and spend time with your friends, while you can, before some have to depart for college, and embrace the light highschool workload before you have to take on the heavy college work.

CYOA – Interview:Ryan Clark

By Alyssa Jenkins

1. What is your name?
Ryan Clark

2. What grade are you in?
12th grade

3. Do you know what senioritis is?
Yes, I know what that is.

4. Do you have senioritis?
Yes, I have been diagnosed with senioritis.

5. What is your favorite part of senior year so far?
My favorite part has been my senior football season.

6. What is your least favorite part of senior year so far?
My least favorite part was having to take economics.

7. What advice do you have to give juniors going into senior year?
Make sure you pick easy classes. You won’t regret it.

8. What is the easiest and the hardest part of senior year?
The easiest part are the easy classes I took and the hardest part is trying to figure out what is next in life.

9. Are you going to prom?
I am not sure if I am going to prom yet.

10. Are you going to participate in senior ditch day and go to grad night?
Yes, I will be participating in senior ditch day and no I will not be going to grad night.