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Health Pathway

by Joseph Reyes

The West Hills High School Health Pathways Club is a part of a larger group called the Grossmont District Health Pathways Administration. The club tries to prepare students that want to be going into health related career jobs after high school and college. The group receives funding from the Grossmont Healthcare District. The group then distributes funding down to the school and clubs at the schools with health career programs. The clubs increase awareness of health opportunities and careers . The clubs also have opportunities that can give students first hand experience in jobs like the ones they want to have when they graduate from college.

Students in the clubs get to go on field trips to colleges and see the environments that come after high school and participate in activities to get volunteer hours for future jobs. Students can complete internships related to the clubs and get volunteer hours and experience for their future. Completing these courses allow you to get an edge when applying for colleges and help you in the long run. The main concern for the health pathways club is to spread the news about new opportunities in the health fields and  to help prepare students.

Wing Stop

by Alex Leggate

I heard about a new buffalo wing spot in Santee, so I had to check it out. This place is called “Wings N Things” and they sell Buffalo wings, Salads, wings on French Fries, and beer for adults over 21. It is a hot place for anyone who wants to eat and watch sports. They always have sports on TV no matter what time of day.

I walked in and it has a very modern atmosphere. I just kept it traditional and got the mild Buffalo wings. After about 5 minutes my food came with 6 wings, 2 breadsticks, celery, carrots, and ranch. The wings were exceptional and were bursting with flavor. I would definitely suggest giving it a try.

Movie review: Tangled

By Anna Parrott

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have 70 feet of magical hair? Probably not but the movie Tangled will make you wish that you had such lusciously, long locks. Tangled, a movie directed by Byron Howard and Nathan Greno, follows the story of an 18 year-old named Rapunzel as she journeys to see the floating lanterns that are dedicated to the Lost Princess and befriends some dynamic people along her way. She is faced with danger, action, fun, and romance that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Rapunzel, having been kept in a tower all of her life by her malevolent mother, yearns to see the floating lanterns that appear in the distance every year on her birthday. By a fortunate series of events, she encounters Flynn Rider whom she then uses as her guide to see the lanterns. During their journey, her mother discovers that Rapunzel has escaped and she starts to chase after her. Rapunzel and Flynn make friends who help them later in the movie like Maximus the Palace horse and the ruffians from the Snuggly Duckling. As Maximus, Flynn, Rapunzel, and her chameleon named Pascal finally reach the kingdom, they participate in the exciting events of the ongoing festival. After the festival, all the townspeople head to the boats to release the lanterns for the Lost Princess. While the lanterns are floating in the air, Flynn and Rapunzel realize that they love each other; but, their romantic bliss is interrupted by Rapunzel’s evil mother who takes her back to the tower. Rapunzel realizes that she is the Lost Princess and Flynn tries to save her. When he gets to the tower, Rapunzel’s “mother” stabs Flynn and before Rapunzel can heal him with her hair, Flynn cuts it all off, consequently ripping it of all its magic and killing him. But to Rapunzel’s surprise, the tears she shed over the loss of Flynn still contained magic so she was able to bring him back. She was reunited with her real family and they all lived happily ever after.

One of my favorite scenes in Tangled is when Flynn and Rapunzel are out on the water as the floating lanterns are released. What makes this scene so captivating is the fantastic animation of the characters and the background. The animators perfecting capture the reflection of the hundreds of lights on the water and in the nighttime sky. Also in this scene, Rapunzel and Flynn sing “I See the Light” together which is a beautiful and emotional song where they are finally realizing that they love each other. My favorite character in the movie Tangled probably had to be Maximus. Although he is just a horse and doesn’t have any actual lines in the movie, he provides comic relief through his feud with Flynn. Maximus is sweet and an extremely likeable character in the film.

Overall, I would give this movie 5 out of 5 stars. Tangled is the perfect family movie that is great for children and Disney fans of all ages, like myself. The characters were casted superbly and the soundtrack is beautifully composed and is so much fun to sing along to. In terms of the animation, I have never seen such complicated and gorgeous graphics. The plot is exciting as it takes the viewer through both heart-whelming and intense scenes but also end happily. Tangled is my absolute favorite movie and is definitely worth the watch.

Interviewing Jordin Young

By Alex Leggate

I interviewed Jordin Young , Varsity Quarterback, about this year, and what he expects, along with how it is going. These are the questions, and his answers.

1.How do you like being the Starting quarterback on Varsity?

“It’s very fun, I have been playing football for a long time, so it’s good to finally be under the Friday Night Lights. “

2.How are you going to try and one-up last years quarterback, Hayden Roach?

“I will try to play as a team and not care about my individual status”

  1. What happened at the game versus El Centro?

“We did not play as a team and we were all so eager to finally hit other colors that we were paying for ourselves. We have many Juniors and it was their first game under the lights, so they were a little ‘Star Struck’ you could say.”

  1. What changes from the El Centro game (Lost 37-17) to the Santana game (Won 34-7)

“We played as a team, and played our hearts out to beat our rivals.”

  1. What have you brought to the team this year?

“I have brought leadership, and camaraderie for my teammates so we play more as a team”

  1. How are you guys preparing for the game this week against Mission Bay?

“We are making sure everyone knows what to do for their spots and does their job.”

  1. You guys have a pretty tough schedule this year, how are you going to prepare for teams like Helix and Steel Canyon?

“We need to make sure that we don’t let the factor of them being a tougher team get in out heads. “

  1. Since you guys got the new jerseys is there a different “feel” or “vibe” when playing?

“Not really for me, it is still the same old football; just with a better uniform”

  1. Do you think that after the El Centro game the Juniors have done their jobs and are pulling their weight?

“I definitely do! We have a lot of Juniors on the team and they are a main part of it on all sides of the ball. They have stepped up to the plate and brought their A game”

  1. Do you think the team will make it far in the playoffs if you do make it?

“I really feel like if everyone steps up we can go very far in the playoffs”

Blood Drive

by Avia Ashland

West Hills is a school very active and involved in the community. As a group of students we try our best to give back to the community and help our local society. One thing we’ve worked on this week is the blood drive. Hundreds of students signed up to donate their blood to help others more in need in the community. Blood is needed to save lives everyday. The donated blood is given to those most in need. But the blood drive doesn’t only benefit the receivers, it benefits the students and their school too. The school benefits because you gain goodwill from the community and when students work together for a good cause it is a positive reflection. Student leaders learn about civic responsibility and about planning and coordinating a community event. The donors feel good about giving back and patients across the nation receive the gift of life.

Fall show

by David Luzaich-Griffith

  • I asked Vincent Pezzuti how the fall show was going, and his role in it. He responded with “It’s going good. I think we’re putting together a very entertaining show this year. I only have a small role, and one line. But, I’m glad to be apart of the process, I love the Theater program. The show starts in November, when it rolls around come check it out.”
  • I asked Minh Pham about sports, and his attendance to nearly every volleyball game. He responded with “I just really love volleyball. I’ve played it all throughout high school. It’s a sport that doesn’t get a lot of attention, so I try and go to every game to show it some love, you know? I think they’re a lot of fun, tell the people to check them out.”


By Sandiela Dimatulac

This week is one of excitement as we approach the first dance of the school year: Homecoming! This year’s theme is “When You Wish Upon a Homecoming,” if you could not tell from the numerous Disney themed murals made by ASB that are decorating the school’s walls and windows. Not only is our school adorned from wall to wall. We also have a Disney themed dress up week! The dress up days are MU Monday (College Day), Sleeping Beauties (PJs), Favorite Character, Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum (Twin Day), and Wilderness Explorer on Friday (Tourist Day).

The dance is set to take place in West Hills’ gym on Saturday, October 14th. Tickets are already on sale in the finance office for $15 with an ASB sticker and $20 without! You can also start voting for Homecoming King and Queen; the link is on ASB’s twitter and instagram. Don’t miss out on this night, you’ll regret it! Finally, if you’d like to support West Hills’ Clubs and show your school spirit, then don’t forget to come to the Varsity Football game against Steele Canyon at 7pm on Friday and check out the food and games that will be sold in the outdoor basketball courts!

Homecoming Week

by Taylor Hobbs

This Saturday, October 14th, is the homecoming dance it starts at 7pm and tickets will not be sold at the door. Since the dance is this week, the school will be holding many fun events. Friday we will have a double assembly schedule because of homecoming, this means that second period will start early at 8:07 and lunch will not be until 12:31. Everyday this week will be a different dress up day to show your spirit, Monday is MU Monday (college gear), Tuesday is sleeping beauties (PJ’s), Wednesday is favorite character, Thursday is tweedle dee & tweedle dum (twin day), and Friday is wilderness explorer (tourist day).

Wednesday is a minimum day schedule due to the juniors who will be taking the PSAT in order to prepare. First period will not start until 7:33 and fifth period ends at 11:08, sixth period ends at 11:49, and seventh period ends at 12:30. Also, Wednesday is financial aid night at the school from 6pm-8pm. If you want to find out more information about how to receive financial aid, make sure to attend the meeting.

Kung-Fu Tea Review

by Anna da Rosa

This week I visited a new boba tea place in Santee called Kung-Fu Tea. I was intrigued because of the name to see what it would look like and what kind of items they would serve on the menu. When I arrived the shop’s decor was the first thing that caught my eye. Everywhere around the store were pictures of Japanese or kung-fu related art, including some photos of Po the Panda from the movie Kung-Fu Panda. Their menu is full of tropical and unique flavors including coconut, pineapple, and taro tea. I ordered a taro milk tea with boba and it was amazing. The tea itself was sweet and refreshing and the boba was bursting with flavor. The price is also reasonable at only $6 total.

Not only does Kung-Fu Tea have quality drinks, but the setup of their establishment is unique compared to other stores. There’s a regular sitting area with tables, but in the corner there’s a section with traditional Japanese style (low to the ground tables and pillows for you to sit on). In this area you are required to take off your shoes, as they would in Japan and you can sit on your knees or criss-cross. In this area they have a cabinet of games to play with your friends while you enjoy your tea including Jenga, Uno, regular playing cards, and more! I enjoyed every moment of my experience in Kung-Fu Tea, give it a try.

Kung Fu Tea

by Sandiela Dimatulac

Last month, Kung Fu Tea opened their first location in Santee and second overall in San Diego. This bubble tea haven has been steadily growing a following over the past couple months through social media and word of mouth. Though Kung Fu Tea is not the only place to sell boba (another commonly used word for bubble tea), people have began to leave their comfort zone of Penguin Yogurt Factory to try their highly acclaimed drinks.

Boba is nothing new to me; I’ve had it many occasions prior to the opening of Kung Fu Tea in Santee. But, out of all the boba I have ever tried, I’d have to say that Kung Fu Tea is my favorite. The reason I am so partial to them is not only because of the amazing drinks, but because of their customer service and original set-up as well. There is a large variety of beverages and their sitting area has an Asian inspired theme; something that you do not see much of in Santee . If you are curious about Kung Fu Tea, I’d highly recommend visiting soon so you do not miss out.