College Apps

by Audrey Lechien

College application season is right around the corner and it’s time to start asking for letters of recommendation, writing essays, etc. If you are ever confused about what you’re supposed to do or need help on anything you can go to the counseling office to seek the help you need. One way counseling aids students is through the brag packet. this is how they can help students apply for scholarships and complete their letters of recommendation.
Included in this packet is information about the student. The following information includes your GPA, test scores, awards and community service from high school. The packet also includes information about the students future. For example, the packet prompts you to list your majors of interest and colleges you plan on applying to. For those who are not planning on going to a college it asks about the military branch or trade schools you may apply to. The brag packet is due Friday October 13th and is essential if you want to graduate.

Interview with Clayton

by Zion Reyes

Interview of Clayton Ellis

1 What specifically do you miss about Chris Houston?

I miss his weirdness; it really made cross country and track runs enjoyable.

2 What do you enjoy about cross country?

I enjoy the team, it’s more close knit than track is. I especially enjoy the pastapaloozas, which are pasta parties before every race.

3 What do you enjoy about academic league?

I like how good it feels to get the questions right.

4 What do you enjoy about track and field?

Compared to cross country, track and field shows you visible improvement since all of the races are exact distances, whereas cross country races are all arbitrarily set distances between 2 miles and 5ks which you can’t really accurately measure your improvement from

5 What do you dislike about sophomore year so far?

I dislike the AP World tests.

6 Why did you leave journalism?

I left because I wanted to complete other credits.

7 How do you plan to make varsity for cross country and track?

All I need to do is run faster.

8 Do you like your teachers?


9 What is different in high school from middle school?

Since there are so many students at this campus, I don’t have to deal with the same annoying people on a daily basis since I don’t have to see them all the time.

10 What is your favorite food?

My favorite food is pizza.

Revenge of the Sith review

by Devin Craig

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith is a cinematic masterpiece. The movie focuses on Anakin Skywalker, a young jedi knight, and his eventual fall to the darkside. Throughout the movie, you will see CGI everywhere, a centerpiece to this film. In addition, Star Wars continues to deliver beautiful soundtracks dedicated to the saga. As far as costumes and casting go, I believe that all of the cast looked exactly how I would imagine their characters looking. The only negative thing about this film is the lack of camera angles. I feel like George Lucas stuck to two simple camera angles throughout the whole film, but it could have been worse. The plot was long and unforgettable, delving deep into the lore of the Star Wars universe. Watching the rise and fall of Anakin Skywalker is one of the most tragic stories in cinematography. I recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in beautiful and interesting sci fi universes. You won’t be disappointed. I rate this movie 5 out of 5 stars.

Interview with Derek

by Zion Reyes

Interview of Derek Tingey on the HOKA ONE ONE Race

For my beat this week I interviewed Derek Tingey about the recent HOKA ONE ONE Postal 2 Mile. Were you able to beat any rivals you have during the race? How did you prepare for the race beforehand? Did you get the result you were hoping for? The following are the answers he gave me in respective order.

Yes, I did beat some of my rivals. I got to beat the entire Grossmont team in my race, however; I didn’t beat my nemesis, Matt Machnov. I did my pre-race ritual the night before, but it is confidential. I also eat a banana before and listen to hype music. I was hoping to run a little faster, but I PR’d which is good.

Winter Sports

by Chloe Yeager

Out with the old and in with the new. The seasons are changing and Winter sports are beginning. Now we have Basketball, Wrestling, and Girls Water polo as the most popular. I have interviewed some wrestlers on their goals for the season coming up. Diane Baker says that she is ecstatic for the season to come and hopes that she will be able to make it to girls State the year. Senior, Ethan Yeager, is excited to see what takes place in his wrestling career this year at a new weight class and plans to make it to Masters again this year, as well as continue wrestling in college.

Basketball players are also excited for the season coming up. Pre-season has begun and players are currently suffering the morning practices. With hopes of making it to CIF this year it will be interesting to see what this season has in store for the West Hills boys and girls teams.

Student Survey

Student Survey

In this survey I asked various questions about our school rules and socialization. I started by asking students if they are more outgoing or introverted. It seems as if West Hills students prefer to put themselves out there more since more voted for “social”. Next, I asked the students if they could add any elective of their choice, what would they like to see on our campus. The majority voted for a cooking class which I agree with. I then asked if we had any bilingual kids on campus, it seems many students speak 2 languages, maybe even more. I know a student’s favorite part about school is the food so I thought I could ask what was the best snack we provide on campus. Hot cheetos won the round, which are my personal favorite as well. Lastly, I asked about the fairly recent school change we had starting in August instead of September. It seems that students much rather prefer having a longer summer than starting early.

Movie Review: A Boy in Striped Pajamas

by Zion Reyes

Plot Synopsis: Bruno, a naive, young boy from Berlin during WWII, is confronted with the news that he has to move to the countryside because of his father’s promotion and reassignment in the German Army. He finds himself homesick and bored, having lost all his friends back in Berlin and spends his time exploring the expanse of his estate. Before long, he finds the hidden reason why his father has been relocated; a large concentration camp is only a few miles from his house, but Bruno doesn’t know the real reason why they’re there and only believes that he has found a farm filled with strangely dressed farmers. There he meets a young Jewish boy named Shmuel and becomes fast friends with him, going to great lengths to hide his everyday excursions to the camp to hang out with him from his family. Meanwhile, Bruno’s mother discovers the truth about about the concentration camp and takes the news harder than naive Bruno did. Bruno’s mother has many arguments with Ralf, Bruno’s father. Eventually  the arguments culminate in Bruno’s mother, Bruno, and his sister all moving to Heidelberg with Ralf staying at the camp to watch over it. Bruno, saddened by this, decides to adventure with Shmuel one more time, but it leads him to a gas chamber where they both die.

Movie Review: The subject matter of WWII is constantly rehashed by Hollywood, what with so many movies such as Dunkirk, Inglourious Basterds, and Saving Private Ryan, but this movie is quite unique. Unfortunately, with great potential comes great responsibility, and in my opinion I feel that this movie isn’t as good as when I first saw it many years ago. After revisiting it with a different mind than what I had in 8th grade I found the acting to be stiff, for lack of a better word. The movie is overall quite well done, for a setting of the countryside there is little in the way of modern noises or distractions that would have detracted from the movie experience, and the soundtrack of mostly classical music is a nice touch. But throughout the movie I couldn’t help but feel like something was off with all of the characters, especially from the children. Come to think of it, the adults in the movie were quite good at acting. If the movie was mainly focused on them then the mediocre acting of the children could have been overlooked, but since much of the movie was focused on Bruno, an 8-year old, there was no avoiding the “off-ness” of his acting, which seemed to have rubbed off onto the other actors as the movie went on. Perhaps his mediocre acting had somehow overshadowed any of the decent acting of the other actors. Bruno speaks in a strange combination of having too much emotion and no emotion at all, which cancels each other out into whatever comes out of his mouth. He also uses a facial expression throughout the entire movie as if someone were dubbing in his dialogue for him, even though he was clearly the one speaking. It’s a melting pot of everything that you shouldn’t do as an actor and any theatre teacher can attest to this. But despite his amateur acting, the ending was really something to behold. I won’t spoil anything, but if you’re willing to drudge through one and a half hours of one looks like the acting of an elementary school play the ending is worth it.   I give it 7/10.

Football Questions

by Jayden Moreno

In this weeks beat I asked players from the football team how they plan on beating their next few opponents this season and what would be their strategy if they make playoffs.

The first person I interviewed said they must have amazing defense because defense wins games and if their defense stops the opposite team then all they need to do is score. The last player I asked theses questions to said if they want to win they must put points on the board because you can’t win a game without any points. After I interviewed both of the players I asked them what would their playoff strategy be? And they said they would need a lot of energy and that should win them more games.

Football Update

by Devin Craig

The past two football games have been a wild ride. The first game against Helix was a complete blowout. West Hill’s defenses was constantly being penetrated by Helix. They took advantage of this and scored many times. In the end, Helix destroyed West Hills with a final score of 54-6. However, West Hills did not let this discourage them. They came back the following week in the second game against El Capitan. After some hard fought offensive drives, West Hills eventually defeated El Cap in a very close game. Overall, these games have been quite eventful and it has been a blast being able to watch them all. Hopefully, we see more results like the El Capitan game in the future.


College Signing 

by Anna Parrott

November is the time when senior students begin to submit their college applications and have to eventually  decide what school they want to attend. But for student athletes, the process is slightly different. These young men and women have to decide where they want to play their sport for the next 4 years.

This process is referred to as ‘signing’ to a college meaning that after you visit the school and decide where you want to go, you commit verbally and then the coach will send over formal papers that you will sign which makes you officially committed to that school. Starting in their junior year of high school, students typically start trying to get college coaches  interested in them and the skills that they have to offer to the team. Students sometimes have multiple schools that they are considering, so the offer that the college makes them is extremely important to their final decision.