Game review

by  Joseph Reyes

This week at school, on Thursday, the West Hills JV Football team will play the football team from El Centro. Last year this JV team lost to El Centro and will have a shot at redemption. In the first quarter, the game was pretty slow with a lot of turnovers and almost no progress being made. The West Hills Wolf Pack scored in the second quarter and from there things only got better. The third quarter the Wolfpack scored again and defense kept up by not letting El Centro score one point. The score was now 27 to nothing and the Wolfpack defense had trapped the eagles. The Wolfpack got a defensive safety, two points by pushing the other team back. The final score was 29 to 0 and the Wolfpack left with their first victory of the 2017 season and a comeback against the eagles. The players were really happy judging by this is a huge turnaround from last years season already.


by Jayden Moreno


  1. If you were to sit down a year from now, reflecting on your high school years, what would you have done different?
  2. How did you maintain good grades and stay organized?
  3. What was your favorite part about high school and why?
  4. What were some unexpected hurdles? What were some benefits of high school?
  5. What motivated you to keep trying when you weren’t doing the best?
  6. How did you keep a good grade in your hardest class?
  7. What was your plan during high school?
  8. Who was your favorite teacher why?
  9. What was your favorite class and why?
  10. What was your career choice?


  1. If I were to sit down a year from now and reflect on my high school years I think I would have been more active in school spirit.
  2. I maintain my good grades by turning in my work and even if I did poorly on a test I made it up by retaking it. I stayed organized by keeping folders for each class and regular backpack cleanings
  3. What I like most about high school was going to football games because everyone was there for the same reason and sociable.
  4. Some on expected hurdles I face were pop quizzes. There were never any of those in middle school. Some benefits were also PopQuiz because they made me more confident on tests.
  5. What motivated me to keep trying was when I wasn’t doing the best was I would think how disappointing my family would be if I didn’t graduate.
  6. In my hardest class I kept a good grade by asking many questions and staying after classes in school for extra help.
  7. My plan during high school was to get my GE at community college and then transfer to a university.
  8. My favorite teacher was Ms.Pagano because she always had us on our toes with a crazy activity. She was very personable and helped us with problems in school and out.
  9. My favorite class was sociology because I love studying the groups of people.
  10. My career choice was to work with male inmates as a psychologist.

CYOA, Counseling Catastrophe

by Anna Parrott

Senior year in an exciting milestone filled with football games, painted parking spaces, and prom. It is supposed to be an easy and relaxing year. But for one senior, her year thus far has been anything but smooth sailing. The source of her stress is a botched schedule. This is a common issue and most students have experienced the anxiety and frustrations of trying to get a schedule fixed. Here is the account of her dilemma and how she overcame the obstacle at hand:

Q: Were you happy with the schedule you were first given?

A: I wasn’t happy because they did not give me the class I had asked for and gave me one that I didn’t want instead.

Q: What did you want to change about your schedule?

A: I wanted to change to periods 1-5 and to drop theater.

Q: How did you go about changing your schedule?

A: I went in on schedule correction day and I was told to come back on the first day of school so I did. Then they sent me away and told me to come again on Thursday and it would be changed. I was told that it still couldn’t be fixed and that I would be called in on another day. Eventually, after them not doing anything, my parents met with the VP and I was able to drop theater. However, I didn’t get 1-5 like I needed.

Q: What class did you switch to? Are you excited for that class?

A: I switched into 4th year Spanish. I wasn’t expecting to take it but I’m excited to be able to speak it more fluently.

Q: How did it feel to not be able to get you schedule changed for awhile?
A: It was frustrating because I knew that the longer it took to get changed, the more behind I would be in whatever class I was switched into and I felt my needs weren’t being taken seriously as a student.

Q: How do you think the system can be improved so it’s easier to be seen by the counselors and to get the classes you need?

A: I don’t know exactly how it could be improved but I just think that overall they need a better system for calling in students and fixing things for them because it seems to be getting done out of order.

Q: How do you think the counselors feel about all the students wanting certain classes or periods when so many others want the same thing?

A: I think that they sometimes pick and choose what they’re going to take care of because some schedule changes are easier than others.

Q: Do you think the counselors prioritize seniors?

A: From my experience I would say no simply because I have not been prioritized, but others may not feel that way.

Q: How difficult is it to see your counselor during the first week of school?

A: It was extremely difficult for me because there are so many students trying to see them at the same time.

Q: Now that your schedule has been changed, how do you plan on enjoying your senior year?

A: I’m going to make the most of the classes I was given and spend lots of time with my friends at school.

CYOA Interview

by Haley Valles

Ally Coronas interview about cheer.

When did you start doing cheer?

  • I started doing cheer when I was only 9 years old.

Is this something you’d like to continue out of school and onto college?

  • It’s a possibility, I just have to see where life takes me, but I can definitely see myself cheering more in the future!

Was it challenging being on varsity when you were only a freshman?

  • Yes, because I didn’t know most of the girls on the team and I felt like I had to give my all to impress them, be accepted, and to let them know I am as dedicated as anyone else.

What has this experience taught you?

  • It taught me that by working hard, I can reach my goals and become a better athlete and person.

What has been your favorite part of cheer?

  • The football games because they’re really exciting and everyone is showing a lot of support and spirit.

Most memorable moment with your team?

  • It had to be sophomore year when we won our National competition in Vegas.

If there was something about cheer you could change, what would it be?

  • They way people perceive us as cheerleaders and think we are stereotypical and do not deserve to be called athletes.

Scariest moment during cheer?

  • Last year right before our Vegas competition, I sprained my ankle during practice and had to be on crutches for a month.

An accomplishment you made during cheer?

  • I think the biggest accomplishment I made was being on the varsity team all 4 years of high school.

If you could redo your cheer experience in high school all over again would you? Why?

  • Yes, because it was the best and most memorable activity I participated in high school.

Interviewing Taylor Applebaum

by  Avia  Ashland

  1. Q : What was the highlight of your first week?

Taylor : Taking my first art class.

  1. Q: What was the hardest part of your week?

Taylor : It was really hard to make friends in classes where I didn’t know anyone because I’m pretty shy.

  1.   Q: Which classes do you think will be your most challenging?

       Taylor : Econ because we’ve already been given so much homework and school only  just started.

  1.    Q: Does the start of school stress you out or was it something you were anticipating?

Taylor : It’s really stressful for me because I didn’t feel well prepared or ready for  summer to end.

  1. Q : What are your favorite school events?

   Taylor : I like football game, but I don’t go to many other school events.

  1.   Q : What’s something you’re nervous for this year?

Taylor : Probably graduating because I don’t exactly know what I want to be or do yet.

  1.    Q : What do you think we could change on campus to make West Hills a better environment?

Taylor : Get better food and nicer people.

  1. Q:  Were you given all the classes you wanted? Are there classes you wish West Hills offered that we don’t?

Taylor : No, I signed up for sociology, but I was given theater instead. I suppose I just wish they brought back sociology.

  1. Q: Are you involved in sports and clubs?

  Taylor :   No, I don’t really have an interest in joining.

  1. Q: How do you feel about the fact that many teachers were cut last year?

Taylor : I think it’s really sad, but I didn’t have any teachers that were affected by this so I don’t know much about it.