How to Hobby: Modeling

By Audrey Lechien

A particular hobby that has become more popular and more accessible is modeling, which I do myself. I enjoy modeling because I’m able to create art and express myself while also connecting with others. I became involved through portrait photography and Instagram. Modeling can take up as much time as you want it to. A photoshoot takes anywhere from 15 minutes to a full day. You can use Instagram to connect with photographers or other models and sometimes there are organized meetups in person. My advice for anyone trying to get involved with modeling is to face your fears and don’t be afraid of the camera.

Modeling has been around for a while but it used to refer to posing for portraits. But then cameras came around and people started to model as we know it today. Fashion modeling took over mannequins displaying clothes and this is when it became a job. Once people were making jobs out of it; modeling agencies started opening up. Although modeling is still considered a career today, many call it a hobby and create art just for fun. The evolution of modeling happened mainly because of social media. This is what makes it so easy for anyone to get into it.

How you get into modeling is how you would get into any other hobby; you start somewhere and get practice and exposure. Some people may find themselves to be naturals at posing, for others it may take more effort. In order to be a good model, you need confidence. You can build confidence by posing in the mirror and studying other models. However, the best way to improve is by getting out there and shooting with photographers.  Once again, you can use social media to connect with photographers and set up shoots.


How to Hobby: Chess

By Cameron Brooks

One of the oldest and most popular hobbies around the world is chess. From Asia to Europe to America, it remains one of the most widely played games. There is a chess club at our school, with its president being chess enthusiast Shane Johnson. When interviewing him, he stated that he first began playing at around the age of ten and immediately enjoyed the challenge involved in such an intellectual game. While there is no set amount of time he spends practicing, he attempts to get a game in with some friends every other day and at least once a week in chess club. He says that he started the club to have some tournaments at the school where all experienced or inexperienced chess players can come and enjoy the game.

Chess is one of the oldest games around today, with a very similar game being developed in India during the Gupta Empire in the 5th century. The game spread through the use of the silk road and was introduced to Europe sometime around the 9th century, where it began to morph into the game we know today. Modern chess was  developed in 1475 in southern Europe. The game became very popular during the mid to late 19th century with the first world chess tournament being held in 1886. The level of tournaments and popularity of the game grew during the late 19th to early 20th century, so much so that Tsar Nicholas of Russia became a chess grandmaster. Since the first tournament in 1886, there have been continual world chess tournaments, as well as, the development of other national and local tournaments.

The hobby is simple to get into as all it requires is a chessboard and a setoff pieces, which you can buy for as little as ten dollars for a a plastic set. It may also be helpful to have a friend or family member who is an experienced player who can play with you and teach the rules and strategies that go along with the game. Most people do not spend much time practicing chess. It is a hobby which can be done at any time and does not require much of a time commitment. A game can last for as little as twenty or thirty minutes. People mainly improve by playing a wide variety of players while adjusting to different people´s play style or by joining a class for beginners. Although most simply learn over time or by playing people on various websites where you can play a computer which can be adjusted to your skill level. Either way is an effective introduction to a fun hobby with a long history to go along with it.


ETHAS: Mr. Carman

By Star Gaylord

As a student it is really easy to think of your teachers as just that, teachers. It is really easy to not think of or even realize that they are in fact real people. So, to learn that every teacher has a story, I interviewed Mr. Carman. I asked Mr. Carman questions that ranged from asking about teaching, to hobbies, and to his family.

How many years have you been teaching?

20 years

What subjects do you teach?

U.S. History and American Government

What made you want to become a teacher?

I wanted to be a baseball coach so it led to me teaching.

What is your favorite grade to teach?

Juniors are my favorite.

What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch?

Chicken shawarma pita

What is your favorite thing to do outside of school?

Go golfing or watching football

What is your favorite sports to watch? To play?

Football, baseball and basketball to watch, golf to play

When you’re having a bad day, what will always make it better?

A nap- a wake up with a fresh perspective

How old are your children?

4 and 6

Do you have a favorite child?

I do not have a favorite. I love them both equally

What is something you are looking forward to experiencing with them/watching them do as they grow up?

Watching them follow their passion.

Who is the funniest person you can think of?

Chris Rock, Mr. Burgess

What is your favorite season?

Summer then fall

What is your dream vacation?

Somewhere it is warm and there’s water

If you won the lottery, what would be the first thing you would do with the money?

Quit teaching and contact my financial advisor

I learned much about Mr. Carman and how he is as a person rather than just seeing him as my teacher. I think that it is crazy to think about how all the people in your life and around you aren’t there to just fill up your life. They all have their own families and feelings and hobbies that they enjoy doing. If you ever have a chance to get to know the people around you a little better, especially your teachers, I strongly encourage you to do it!

Beat: Tennis

By Willoughby


Tennis is a sport that originated from northern France and became very popular in England because of King Henry VIII who loved the sport and from there the rest is history. Tennis was not as popular in the states until 1881 when the U.S. National Lawn Tennis Association was formed and from there it became more popular after the U.S. Tennis Association (USTA) formed in 1975 that is also when tennis became a widespread sport among high schools. West Hills High School tennis team consists of a Varsity and Junior Varsity Team on the the team they have a variety of skill levels. I personally have played on the team for 3 years and have finished my 4th year . The WHHS tennis team is one of the better teams in our district. We have won all of our matches and hope to keep our streak alive. Most people think of tennis as a boring sport and compare it to golf or rowing. Tennis is an intense game of strategy and skill this game takes strength and mental stamina. You have to know what your opponent’s next move is before they even make it. You have to know how to hit the ball in a way your opponent can’t get to it. Unlike contrary beliefs tennis is not an individual sport it is a team sport because you are all working together to reach the same goal.

ETHAS: Mr. Carman

 By Willoughby

I interviewed Mr. Carman he is my favorite teacher I have ever had. How long have you been teaching; 18 years.

Why did you become a teacher;I wanted to teach the future generations.

What university did you go to ? SDSU.

What’s your favorite part about teaching?

Getting to connect with students.

What style of teaching do you teach with?

Easy going and laid back.

What’s the most students you’ve ever had in a class? 45.

What age did you decide you wanted to become a teacher? 24.

What advice would you give to future teachers? Don’t stress over things you don’t have to.

What advice would you give to future students in your class? Stay on task.

What subject do you teach? Social Science.

What would you do if you weren’t a teacher? I don’t know.

Who do you look up to? My fellow teachers.

Where did you grow up and how has that affected your teaching style? I grew up here (san diego) and it has not affected me greatly.

Are you married? Yes. Do you have social media; No.

Chess Club Spring Tournament

By Cameron Brooks

This week in chess club marked the start of the new tournament for spring, which will be the second and final tournament for the club this year. This event includes many more participants than the previous with around 20 members involved (with the rest just watching and eating lunch). The first matches occurred on the 17th of May and led to the first round of eliminations. The matches were decided on random with Sam Keeley and Shane Johnson, the founders of chess club, pulling the names randomly from a hat. The schedule was designed to have matches take place every Thursday at lunch in the library with time for unfinished matches to be continued in the next week, as the schedule left an extra week before school got out. The students who do not show up or are absent are given automatic losses unless a make up day is established to ensure that all matches can be finished before the end of the school year. By the final Thursday of the year the brackets will be completed and a chess champion will be crowned (not literally, but figuratively).


How to Hobby: Makeup

By Gianna Creighton

The beginning of freshman year was when Neve Balagot really started using makeup and teaching  herself how to do it. Neve started learning how to do her own makeup because she “ wanted to actually start looking presentable at school so I looked up how to perfect the looks on Youtube.” Neve says she was inspired to start trying makeup looks because of all the famous people and their videos on Instagram. When asked what Neve’s best area on the face was she answered, “I am a professional at eyebrows in my opinion. I have basically perfected the brow.” Neve says she prefers to “go with light makeup to school. I don’t want to look like I am trying too hard so I usually do just mascara, eyebrows, and a little bit of concealer.” She also says that knowing how to do her own makeup benefits her because she no longer has to pay for people to do her makeup or help her do her makeup.

Makeup was first created in 164,000 BC. During this time the makeup was made from 57 crushed up and ground rocks that had pinkish and reddish tones. Then in 70,000 BC people began painting their bodies with mud and their own homemade paints. Then in 100 AD, Roman people began using barley and flour on their pimples and sheep blood and fat on their fingernails. The 1800’s were a landmark for the makeup industry because there was a bunch of makeup recipes created for freckle removal, gray hair removal, wrinkle removal, and complexion enhancer. Lastly in the 1920’s the first nail polishes and powder blushes were made.

You could get into makeup by watching Youtube videos and Instagram videos. This hobby can be very expensive because you need every type of make-up for all parts of your face. You need to purchase different makeup tones for the different parts of your face. You also need to study different looks off Youtube or Instagram and be able to perfect them. You can become better and more skilled at it with lots of practice with different looks.



By David Griffith

Photography, it’s the art of taking pictures. Although it may not seem like rocket science, it takes  practice and artistic knowledge to achieve that perfect shot. Alec Sellers is an avid enthusiast of the practice, and  visionary I will be interviewing.

What exactly is photography? Taking pictures…

Why do you enjoy photography? It allows me to express my artistic directions and stylings.

How did you become involved in it? I’ve always had a love for it.

How much time does it take? Not a whole lot, my Polaroids usually develop within 5-10 minutes.

Are you apart of any groups or clubs? Nope, I’m a 1 man band.

Any other information you care to give? Take pictures, they last forever.

History of photography? People have been taking pictures since the 1800’s, when the very first camera was invented. From then there has only been more and more advances to make it more accessible to all.

Where did it come from? The guy who invented the camera.

Who created it? Some jabroni named Joe Niepce.

Has it changed/grown/morphed? Yeah, it went from taking hours to take a picture to everyone having a digital camera in their pockets. It’s evolution.

Why do people love it? Because people like to create memories that will last forever. It’s not very hard to get started/invested into photography. Everyone has a high tech, crisp camera in their back pocket. All they really have to do is open the camera app and start taking pictures of what they want to. You can go from there if you want to invest in different cameras or what not. The more you practice, the better your style of shots will become. You can do it whenever and take pictures of whatever. It’s the easiest hobby to get into.

Hobby/ Basketball

By Jayden Moreno

Hobbies let you explore interests outside of your line of work. They let you be creative and try all kinds of new things. If you’re bored with your old hobby, picking a different one can get your creativeness going again. Also take a look at your budget before choosing a new hobby, as some can be expensive, but you have plenty of options available to you even if your budget is tight. Find what interests you. See what takes up your spare time, when you have it. Think about what you value most. Think about the topics you go on about. Now, think your favorite subject that you enjoy so much and find how it can be transformed into a hobby.

Being a hobbyist helps to relieve stress by keeping you engaged in something you enjoy. Hobbies allows you to take your mind off the stresses of everyday life. My favorite hobby is playing basketball because I’m good at it, all my friends love playing in it and it gets  competitive too. Basketball seems to clear my mind if I’m having a bad day or stressing over things. If I didn’t have this hobby I wouldn’t be as calm when there were problems.

I wonder how a hobby can keep our mind clear or how it makes us so happy over something so little. For recommendations everyone says you should have a friend with you when doing your hobby so you can share great times with them and have someone to talk to. Hobbies are a major key in life because it keeps our mind in a stable place and keeps the overwhelming things in our head be free.

How to Hobby: Step 3

By Sophia Fakhouri

Fishing derived as a mean of survival in prehistoric times, but has now developed into a recreational activity, sport, and hobby. Eid Fakhouri takes a deep interest in fishing; whether it’s ice fishing in the Rocky Mountains or off the Ocean Beach Pier. He has taken time to master this hobby and enjoys it to its fullest potential. I interviewed Mr. Fakhouri to get more details on his hobby:

Q: When did you begin fishing as a hobby?
A: Probably 5th grade, about 1976.

Q: Why does fishing interest you?
A: I love being outdoors and learning new techniques on how to lure fish. It can also be a social event, my family, and friends also enjoy this hobby. In addition, I like to prepare and cook some of the fish I am allowed to keep.

Q: Where is your favorite place to fish?
A: Ocean Beach Pier and shoreline, Trout fishing in Colorado, ice fishing in Colorado, and even Santee Lakes and Lake Murray. Santee Lakes and Lake Murray are great for beginners.

Q: What is the average time you spend fishing per session?
A: About six hours, it is usually a full day event.

Q: What is the most interesting things you have ever caught?
A: A hat, someone else’s fishing pole, an octopus, my cousins face, oops, and a 125 lb bat ray in Mission Bay.

Q: Who do you enjoy fishing with?
A: Mostly my family, my son especially takes a special interest in the hobby.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to add that we have not discussed?
A: As soon as you catch a fish you’ll be hooked on the hobby.

To dive deeper into this hobby and how it was derived, I extracted information from, which you can visit for more information! Taking it back to the beginning, deep sea fishing first became prevalent in the 15th century, but became extremely popular in the 19th century when steamboats were invented. At first, leisurely fishing was reserved for the wealthy class, but became more accessible to everyone with technological advances that produced more equipment at a lower cost. Although fishing is now seen as a sport, in some areas around the world fishing farms and fishermen can be vital to a growing economy. According to, “FAO statistics put the total number of fishermen and fish farmers to approximately 38 million”.

If you are interested in pursuing a hobby in fishing, there are many ways to get started. Santee Lakes offers daily fishing permits for under ten dollars. If your 16 or younger the permit is just six dollars; if you are seventeen or older the permit is nine dollars. At Santee Lakes, they sell poles, hooks, bait, and anything else you may need to launch your fishing hobby. The same thing applies to Lake Murray in La Mesa where you can even rent boats to fish off of. Grab some friends and spend the day fishing and practicing. You may come to find out it holds your interest!