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App Review:Houseparty

by Kayla Schoenborn

The app “Houseparty” is a new and improved video chatting app. By allowing you to have up to 8 people in the group, it takes your group chat on iMessage or Snapchat to a new level. “Houseparty” is available on Android and Apple devices. It requires iOS 9.0 or later and is updated frequently. The newest update was September 6th, 2017. This app is free and is mainly for kids 13 and up. Apart from children this app could be used for business purposes like video meetings. The app is fairly easy to setup and use. When you first download the app you establish a username, enter your email, and then you give them your phone number and wait for a confirmation code. Once you enter your confirmation code the app will give you a list of friends whom you may want to connect with. You can select all the friends you want. If someone does not have the app you can send them an invite over text message. The icon for the app itself is white and red much like the YouTube mobile app, only this icon is a red solo cup, linking to the name, “Houseparty”. The icon itself is not eye-catching or interesting but the interior of the app is elaborate and efficient. It is straight-forward on how to start a chat. Compared to FaceTime, which is already downloaded onto an iPhone. This app is overall a better video chatting app. If you only want to chat with one person I would recommend FaceTime. Like most video chatting apps, this app drains battery very fast. Some worries that parents have is strangers joining a chat with their kids. Parents should know that only friends of yours and mutual friends can join. Kids can lock the chat so no one unwanted can join. Another concern is the ability to screenshot. Parents are often worry about personal information being leaked, but this is very uncommon considering their children should only be in a chat with friends who would not do this. One negative aspect is the glitchiness. After trying it out myself my friends and I all noticed conversations often cut out or do not load. With more updates the app is becoming less and less glitchy. One feature I enjoy is the ability to switch between chats while on the app. For example you could be having a video chat with friends in one and family in another. One thing I will be taking advantage is the ability to work on group projects efficiently. This app is perfect for collaborating with a group of people. Overall, I enjoy using this app and recommend it to anyone who is looking for a video chatting app.


App Review

by  Isabella Reed

I have downloaded many apps in my lifetime and have seen all the popular and trendy applications there are. I would say I can differentiate a well produced app from a poorly made one. WakeOut – Workout routines to wake up, does exactly what is says based on it’s name. iOS compatible with all apple devices, it is your own personal alarm clock with a twist. It generates 3 random exercises you do in the morning to get your blood flowing for example, crunches, arm and leg exercises, and punching your pillow. They change everyday so you are switching up your routine. It plays very upbeat music to get you going for your day. It’s a three in one deal, wakes you up on time and allows you to stay fit and energized, and it’s free of charge!

Has uplifting music
Generates different workouts, over 70
It’s free
Keeps you fit in a creative and fun way

You have to buy the full version to unlock more exercises
Sometimes gives you the same workouts
No skip button
Alarm won’t go off sometimes

CYOA Carly

by Carly

Today, I interviewed Madde, a West Hills High School student. She voluntarily gave me her time to discuss her experience in this wonderful school.
(1)Question: How long have you attended West Hills High School?
Answer: I have been a student at West Hills for 3 years.
(2)Question: What do you enjoy most about West Hills?
Answer: I enjoy the community.
(3) Question: Do you live close to West Hills?
Answer: Yes
(4) Question: Who is your favorite teacher?
Answer: Mr. Brent is my favorite teacher.
(5) Question: Do you play any school sports?
Answer:No, although I used to play Volleyball.
(6) Question: How many classes do you take?
Answer: 6.
(7) Question: Asked by many, do you enjoy school?
Answer: Yes, sometimes.
(8) Question: What’s the best memory you have had at school?
Answer: Eating lunch with Carly everyday.
(9) Question: Where do you want to go to college.
Answer: San Diego State University.
(10) Question: What is something you would tell someone who is new to this school?
Answer: Do not sit in the pit.

BEAT: Journalism

by Isabella Reed

This week I diverted my attention towards the counseling office and counselors in general. Since it is the beginning of the school year the counselors are being bombarded with students trying to switch their schedule around. I, myself, went up to counseling and asked one of the counselors for some college input and to sign up for one of the after school college courses they provide. There were not a lot of people signing up for that opportunity. Many students are still trying to make appointments at times when their assigned counselor is not busy.

I decided to think about what the counselors are currently going through. Mrs. Albrecht came to many different classes and gave us a presentation. She talked about different college issues and how we can get grants/student loans. The counselors have also been sending us text messages to remind us of the counseling events they are providing for us. We are able to get help for college admissions from them and we have a place to ask questions if we are ever confused about the transition to college.

BEAT: Library

by Alyssa Jenkins

This week is a huge for all seniors. There is a thing called a “Brag Packet” that all seniors are required to fill out in order to graduate. It is a packet that the Counselors gave to seniors and we are reaching the deadline. It is due by October 13th and  is to be completed and turned in online. The “Brag Packet” basically is to make sure that all seniors are cleared by parents to release student’s transcript, and to make sure that students are good on their community service hours. It is also for counselors to see where students are. This is one of the most important packets.


Today our own West Hills High School librarian gave me time to interview her today. Below are the questions and responses.

(1)Question: How long have you been a librarian for?

Answer: I have been a librarian for awhile.

(2)Question: What do you most enjoy about working at West Hills?

Answer: I enjoy the kids.

(3)Question: Does the library ever get a little bit too noisy during the day?

Answer: Yes! During lunch it gets very loud in here!

(4) Question: Why should the library always be quite?

Answer: Students are reading

(5) Question: What days are the library open?

Answer: Monday through Friday.

(6) Question: What was your favorite subjects at school?

Answer: English of course!

(7) Question: What’s your favorite book?

Answer: To kill a Mockingbird

(8) Question: Do you enjoy working at West Hills ?

Answer: Yes

(9) Question: What’s the most hectic time of the year and why?

Answer: The end because all of the students are turning in their books.

(10) Question: Do you know how many books are held in this library?

Answer: Definitely Not!

Beat, Administrative and Counseling

by Gianna Creighton

Mrs. Baker is one of the Vice Principals at school. She works with students whose last names end in A-G. She also oversees different responsibilities like attendance, the Learning Center, state and district testing, and Unity Days. Outside of the learning environment, Mrs. Baker enjoys reading Epic Fantasy and Sci-Fi novels, but also appreciates reading the classics. A general day in the office consists of meeting with students, working on upcoming events, responding to emails, talking to parents, supervising at break and lunch, and helping students and staff. Mrs. Baker states, “ I really enjoy interacting with students. I know AP’s deal with discipline, but we do interact with the kids all the time in positive ways. That is the best part of my job.”

Mrs. Bean has been working at West Hills for 16 years. Before she became a counselor she was a math teacher for 8 years so this will be her 8th year being a West Hills counselor. One of her favorite things to do outside of school is have fun and hangout with her little boys. Mrs. Bean’s favorite memory is from working with the women’s volleyball program as a coach and being able to interact with the girls from the various teams. Mrs. Bean explained, “I love getting to know students and helping them navigate through the sometimes tumultuous high school years. I also love helping students with college applications.”

Beat: Best Buddies

by Jayden Moreno

In this week’s beat I chose to ask three people from the Best Buddies club to ask them a couple of questions on the club. The questions are; why did they chose this club, what is their favorite thing to do in that club and how does this club benefit them? The first person I asked said this is her first year and she is in the club because her sisters made her, but after a couple of weeks she started to enjoy helping the kids and getting to know them and also his favorite thing about the club is the pizza parties.

The second person who I ask said he is in club because he wants to get into a really good college and for that to happen you have to have good grades which he does, but also colleges like to see that you participate in school clubs and other extra-curricula activities. His favorite part about the club is meeting new kids. The last person I ask chose this club because he wanted to help the kids with special needs. He said this club benefits him in having a better chance is getting accepted into college. Lastly, his all time favorite thing about the club is the pizza parties.

BEAT: Journalism

by Isabella Reed

This week I diverted my attention towards the counseling office and counselors in general. Since it is the beginning of the school year the counselors are being bombarded with students trying to switch their schedules around. I, myself, went up to counseling and got a class changed and there were so many kids waiting in line to see if they were able to get a new schedule. I was able to, but many others were not as fortunate since a lot of classes are being filled quickly or it is not good for their academic career. Many students are still trying to make appointments at times when their assigned counselor is not busy.

I decided to think about what the counselors are currently going through. They said the beginning of the school year is the time when they are the most busy and stressful. They have the students to worry about but they still have to do their own personal work as well and attend meetings. They are sending slips down very frequently to meet with their students. I have gotten one of these slips as well. So far they are doing a decent job at balancing their priorities even though they are extremely busy.

BEAT, Library/Counseling

by Kayla Schoenborn

This week the Library has been closed during 7th period this week on Monday and Wednesday due to lack of staffing! Mrs. Sanwald wants to remind students that if students lose anything with a name on it in the library, they get the items back to students. This includes Chromebooks! If students lose phones and they can’t identify them, they send them to VP secretaries. If students lose small items like water bottles or sweatshirts, they have a new lost & found area by the sign-in counter. Here is a picture:

Mrs. Bean informed me that there are many misconceptions about things like sports and PE credits. She wants students to know that for every season of a sport that is completed you get one semester of PE. You must meet all the requirements for the sport though, so that means participating in a certain number of meets or games. Also, for students who may not know, the counseling office is located above the library and you are welcome anytime but you should email your counselor first. When you get to the front desk, make sure to sign in! And if your counselor’s door is closed or they are with another student, there is a waiting area and when they are ready they will come out and call you in. Don’t be afraid to talk to your counselor! They are there for you for whatever you need, unless it is out of their region of expertise.