100 Word Rant

By Avila Ashland


think strongly that students need more help and guidance when it comes to preparing for college. In my personal experience I felt really lost on how I should go about making the next step of my life happen. I think there should be classes and training available to fully elaborate to students how to navigate signing up for college and why it’s so important. Being comfortable and confident in where you’re going is a key to success when wrapping up high school. So why is help not so readily available to us? Guidance is needed to help us succeed. 100

Movie Review – I Feel Pretty

By Skye Finnestad

The movie, I Feel Pretty is based on a woman who suffers from insecurity and always wanting to be a part of social beauty standards. One day she wishes to be beautiful and the next day she feels beautiful! The move outlines how her life changes when she feels secure and confident in herself. Amy Schumer, the main character, undergoes crazy character development during her phase of confidence. The relationships in her life change drastically, she is offered many more opportunities in the workplace, she is catching more attention from dudes she never thought she would get. Some of the change is for the better and some is for the worse. This movie was really good because it genuinely captured what it means to feel insecure in today’s day and age. They did a wonderful job executing what it feels like to be insecure and how the world feels when you’re insecure. The movie, however, did receive backlash from more of the women audience than expected. Women who are more overweight, women of color, and a few more, all complained about how Amy Schumer does not know the struggle because she isn’t overweight, she’s blonde, she’s already pretty, and she makes good money. However, this just goes to show that many more women than we expect actually deal with insecurity issues as well. This movie showed how confidence can make you beautiful in ways no one can really understand until they experience it. I loved this movie and the message it held, and I believe that everyone should see it when they have the chance.

West Hills

By Jayden Moreno

In this week’s beat, I went to some  people and I asked them, What’s your favorite about West Hills, why did you choose to come here and lastly how is West Hills different from the other high schools. The first person I ask said  their favorite part is how friendly everyone is here, they chose to come to West Hills because the academics are very good and they think West Hills is better than everyone because they have the nicest school and have good sports. The second person I asked said their favorite part about West Hills is that they have good sports. They chose to come here to play football and they think West Hills is better than everyone else because they maintain good players with good grades.


By Chloe Yeager

Much is happening in the West Hills community right now. First off we have Prom season so everyone is buzzing about that. Who to ask?, what to wear? It is becoming an exciting time for the Seniors with Prom and graduation coming so close. As well as those exciting activities ASB election week just passed and Member at large interviews are nearing.

Although Prom is one of the more talked about dances, West Hills is still hosting its last dance of the year for other classmen as well as the Seniors. We have a student performing at the dance and that is currently what everyone seems to be talking about.

New 3D Printed Chess Board

By Cameron Brooks

This week chess club received a custom made 3D printed board from 3D design. This new board gives the members at chess club a new board option with custom pieces. The pawns appear to be just regular looking pawns until you look at the top of them and see a paw carved into the plastic. The king says West Hills on it and the coolest piece, in my opinion, is the knight, which is a wolf with teeth carved into it. The board comes with the pieces is also a solid plastic and matches the West Hills blue color theme. The pieces also match the colors, with one side having dark blue pieces and the other using black pieces. We still have some extra regular chess boards left, so if you are interested in playing or learning how to play, be sure to visit chess club every Thursday in the library.


Conservative Club

By Devin Craig

This week in Conservative Club some interesting topics were discussed. The Dear Leader of Conservative Club, Scott Bettony, lead a heated discussion on how to thwart Zionist influences in our society. This led to some minor discussion in which all of the members agreed. This conversation progressed into why Angela Merkel is the least attractive diplomat in Europe. They closed the meeting talking about how to stop the liberals from taking over California. All in all, it was a good session with some much needed debate. The next meeting is guaranteed to be just as debate fueled as this one.


Library and Counseling

By Sophia Fakhouri

Often times you can find answers to all of your school related questions on Google; it is convenient, user-friendly, and gives you many sources to choose from. But what if you are searching for a piece written by a scholar, a professor, or an academic journal that is peer reviewed, this is where Google can fall short. Popular search engines, like Bing and Google, may include sources that are not accredited or trustworthy, especially for a school paper. Thanks to Miss Sannwald, the problem is solved. On the West Hills Library website, she has kindly provided students with online databases that can be extremely useful for research papers.
My personal favorite database is EBSCO Host; this search engine contains a myriad of academic journals, articles, and excerpts pertaining to any subject. Whether you are researching social injustice or the science behind genetic disorders, EBSCO has your back. Out of all my research papers I have written throughout my high school years, the ones containing evidence from EBSCO Host were the most profound.
You can add different tags or descriptive words to find the most accurate article for your subject of interest, which I find convenient. In addition if you are not on school grounds, but would still like to utilize this resource the username is grossmontu and the password is welcome. I hope you found this article helpful for your future research and I encourage all students to take advantage of this valuable resource.


By Alex Leggate

Ms. Snadwald is always keeping everything up to date in the library. She just created a “Library Vision Video”. It shows us the true use of the library and she uses very good pictures and makes the library look very fun and professional at the same time. She has also posted a link on her twitter to a website/app that lets teens listen to audiobooks for free. The app is called “SYNC” and you can listen to thousands of books for free when you’re doing homework, falling asleep, driving, etc.
She has all of her library aids doing something new and cool for the students. There is a “May Challenge Calendar” that you can print out and has a new and adventurous challenge every day that you can do around school. She had them create an informational vote registration bookmark that has information on how to register or pre-register to vote. One cool thing that she has is book recommendations on her twitter that her students create so that you can find a book that is good or interests you easier.

Sports Are Ending

By Willoughby

As the school year comes to an end so do the sports. Most of the sports have by now had their senior nights and have most likely given out all their awards (spring sports are finishing up). I, being a senior, will never again have the opportunity to be on a high school sports team. I hope my siblings and all incoming freshman tryout for sports because it is an activity that will help shape you as a person and help you to make lifelong friendships. I know my time on the West Hills tennis team is not something I will soon forget. I am excited to move on with the rest of my life, but I am saddened by the fact I have to leave my team mates behind.


By Avila Ashland

West Hills offers many sports giving students opportunities to work with others on a team and grow physically and mentally. I interviewed a former soccer player, John Draney, and he shared with me the ups and downs of playing a sport in high school.

Playing on a team, you make many good relationships with people because you’re all working hard together with a common goal and the same interests. The competitiveness of it offers a challenge that is always pushing you to work to be your best. Staying in a sport also keeps you in shape while having fun. It was also reported that staying in a sport while managing school can be a bit of a struggle. Managing time is a big part of playing a sport because you still have to fit in all your school work to make sure you’re eligible to play on the team. Especially at the end of a long practice you often want to just go home and nap, but you have to stay committed to school and get all your work done. Playing a sport in high school is a big commitment, but overall it is a great experience where you bond with others and learn life lessons.