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Everyone Has a Story

by Audrey Lechien

In highschool, it is easy to be friends or acquaintances without knowing things like their background and life outside of school. Everyone has a story and you’ll never know it unless they tell you. I decided to take a look into senior Chasity Shaw’s life and asked her a few questions.
Q: What are your hobbies or interests?
A: I do modeling and acting.
Q: When did you start acting and modeling?
A: I started acting when I was 7 and I just started modeling.
Q: How did you get into it?
A: I was scouted at a mall.
Q: What are some acting projects you’ve been in?
A: I have been in Haunted Hathaways, Criminal minds and a horror movie.
Q: Have you lived in San Diego your whole life?
A: I was born in San Diego and lived here until I was 9 and then moved to Oceanside. I lived up there for a few years and now I’m back.
Q: How has moving around impacted you?
A: It was hard to change school and make new friends when I just had to leave them again.
Q: Do you miss living in Oceanside?
A: Yes, I loved Oceanside and I wish I could move back.

Christmas Written Interview of Karyssa Macleod

by Star Gaylord

Christmas is a great time of year and many people celebrate it. There are many traditions within this holiday and some celebrate in different ways than others. Here is an interview to give some insight on how Karyssa Macleod celebrates!
1.What is your favorite part of Christmas?
My favorite part of Christmas is shopping for other people.
2.What is a tradition you have on Christmas?
(Our tradition is) going to my grandma’s and grandpa’s for breakfast.
3.Do you do anything fun leading up to Christmas?
Yeah, I go ice skating.
4. Do you attend or host Christmas parties?
(My family) attends.
5.On Christmas day do you celebrate at your house or do you go to a relatives?
(We celebrate at ) my grandma’s.
6.What do you eat on Christmas?
Eggs Benedict.
7.What is on your wishlist?
A lot of random stuff.
8.What is the best present you’ve ever received?
Hmm. Thats hard. My mom and dad have (given) me really cool things though. But last year was my Apple Watch.
9.Do you agree with the saying “Giving is better than receiving”?
10.What aspects of Christmas are you most excited for?
Decorating and watching the people I love open presents.
Happy Holidays!

Beat: Administrative

by Gianna Creighton

Mr. Reiderer has worked at West Hills since 2004 as an ENS teacher, athletic trainer, Sports Medicine teacher, EdGenuity teacher, CEIS coordinator, and Assistant Principal. Mr. Reiderer received a Bachelors of Science degree in Kinesiology from San Diego State and his Masters in Educational Admin from Alliant International University. His favorite thing to do outside of school is spend time with his family. He participates in activities like wakeboarding, traveling to Idaho, and going to SDSU football games. He was a member of the graduating class of 1987 and loves getting the opportunity to give back to West Hills. Mr. Reiderer stated, “My goal is to spend many more years as an administrator here, I love working with the students.”

Mrs. Dufloth has worked at West Hills now for two years. She attended SFSU and SDSU where she got her Bachelors and Masters Degrees and also attended National University where she got her Teaching Credential and Administrative Credential. Mrs. Dufloth favorite things to do outside is go camping, road cycling, mountain biking, and hanging out with her family. She chose to work at West Hills because it is the “best school in the district!” Mrs. Dufloth favorite memory was when on the first day of school her new office was decorated with silver, blue, and black.


by Jayden Moreno

This week I asked three people from the Sports and Politics club a couple of questions about the club. The questions: why did they chose this club, what is their favorite thing to do in that club and what is this club about. The first person I ask said this is her first year and she is in the club because her best friend, but after a couple of weeks she started to enjoy talking about sports with others. Her favorite thing about the club is having debates.
The second person who I ask said he is in club because he wants to go to well college and for that to happen you need good grades which he does but also colleges like to see that you participate in school clubs and the like, his favorite part about the club is meeting new kids and talking about his favorite sport. The last person I ask chose this club because all of his teammates are in this club so he joined with them. He said this club benefits for him are having a better chance of getting accepted into college. Lastly, his all time favorite thing about the club is hanging out with his team.

BEAT: Library

by Anna Parrott

One characteristic that is typical of any library is the abundance of books and other resources. But a special feature of the West Hills library is the bookshelf that highlights all the new books that have recently arrived. This gives every student the option to discover new books and genres that with appeal to them.

Here are just some of the new books in the library:
Area 51: An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base by journalist Annie Jacobsen is a nonfiction addressing of the Roswell UFO incident and it is the perfect book if you are interested in extraterrestrials or anything out of this world. On the other end of the literary spectrum is What Light by Jay Asher, a story about romance written for young adults. Colson Whitehead’s piece, The Underground Railroad, is an alternate history novel that follows two slaves on their escape to freedom. Additionally there are many other new additions in the library with a variety a genres that are guaranteed to appeal to any reader.


by  Isabella Reed

This week I  investigate the library even further. The library at West Hills High School is more than just checking books out for a good read or textbooks. We have computers that you can use freely to finish your essays or any projects that require research or typing. We also have library TA’s that help Mrs. Sannwald organize and keep everything intact. You can always print out your work as well, in case you don’t have a printer at home. Its free but if you want color you only have to pay 50 cents.

Behind Mrs. Sannwalds desk/checkout area, you can see we have a tech repair room. Chromebooks are now taking over the use of paper in schools so we have to have an area where we can get them fixed if anything goes wrong. We also loan out chromebooks for those days you forget to put your computer in your backpack or forget to charge it so it dies in the middle of class. They no longer supply chromebook chargers, but if you’re lucky, some of your teachers hold extras in their class. The library is also a pretty popular hangout spot for lunch when it’s too hot/cold outside. It’s also a great place to host clubs for example “Best Buddies” is held inside!

BEAT: Library/Counseling

by Kayla Schoenborn

Library: Mrs. Sanwald, the librarian, wants students to know that there is no longer eating or drinking allowed in the library. Also, this Saturday, September 30th is the last day to purchase chromebook insurance. Without insurance, repairs are more expensive for you or your family to pay. Mrs. Sanwald wants students to know that there are free online test prep resources for WHHS students for the SAT, ACT, and AP tests! The link for more information is on the Library website.

Counseling: Counselors can help you with more than just school! If you need to talk to someone about personal issues you can go to your counselor and they are excellent people to talk about school, family, or any issues that you need to discuss with them. Counselors are there to assist students in academics, career development, and also helping with personal issues. They will always be there to help and it’s important to develop a good relationship with you counselor over the four years of high school. Don’t be hesitant to email and talk to your counselor!

BEAT: Counseling Resources

by Star Gaylord

Here at West Hills High School, directly on top of the library, we have our counseling office. Our counselors are great and are always here to help students. One of their many great talents is the way they are able to assist students in finding the right career for them.
First, the counselors lead students to the counseling website where they can access the Path to Success links. There is a Path to Success for each grade level. After going through this path, they have a link to a Career Matchmaker. Once you find a career that may fit you, you can save them and find the best schools to go to for this occupation. However, some students decide that they would like to join the military or go into a specific trade program and counseling even has resources for these students too!
If you’re ready to get going and figure out what you’re going to do for the rest of your life, make an appointment with counseling and they’ll get you going!

Interview with Hannah

by Chloe Yeager

Name, Grade?

“My name is Hannah Yeager, and I’m a Senior.”

Favorite Class, why?

“History because I enjoy the atmosphere and learning about the government of my country.”

Favorite teacher, why?

“It’s tied between Mr. Sklenicka and Ms. Bohme because she helped me become more interested in English and to expand my English knowledge. Mr. Sklenicka sparked by love for math and his class was always fun and he taught me much”

Do you play any sports?

“I play soccer for a club team and I am the Wrestling team manager.”

Do you attend and school organized events?

“The majority of the sports events.”

Any extracurriculars?

“I’m in Catholic Club.”

Favorite thing to do outside of school?

“Play soccer.”

Do you have any pets?

“Yes, one dog named Cali.”

Do you have any siblings?

“Yes, two , a twin brother Ethan and a younger sister Chloe.”

Favorite movie?

The Lion King

Student Survey

Student Survey

In this survey I asked various questions about our school rules and socialization. I started by asking students if they are more outgoing or introverted. It seems as if West Hills students prefer to put themselves out there more since more voted for “social”. Next, I asked the students if they could add any elective of their choice, what would they like to see on our campus. The majority voted for a cooking class which I agree with. I then asked if we had any bilingual kids on campus, it seems many students speak 2 languages, maybe even more. I know a student’s favorite part about school is the food so I thought I could ask what was the best snack we provide on campus. Hot cheetos won the round, which are my personal favorite as well. Lastly, I asked about the fairly recent school change we had starting in August instead of September. It seems that students much rather prefer having a longer summer than starting early.